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All promulgated policies and rules for Office of Catholic Schools and Faith Formation are posted here once ratified and introduced. Promulgated Policies are also available for download as PDF documents on this website in the Member Area/Downloads/Policies Promulgated. 

 Policy #


Policy Name

 2019-10   Naming Policy 
  2017-12   Crowdfunding Policy
  2017-12   Scrip Policy 
  2017-12   Charitable Gaming Policy 
   2017-05   Draft Revised Wellness Policy
   2015-11   Policy on Anti-Bullying 



Policy on Policy Consultation



Policy on Youth Pregnancy 



Policy on Planning for Structural Change in Catholic Schools 



Policy on Home Schooling 

 2006-05        Policy on Records Management (Archdiocese of Indianapolis) 



Policy on Assessment of Educational Progress 



Policy on Strategic Planning 



Policy on School Wellness 



Policy on Violence and Harassment 


  Policy on 15 Passenger Vans 



Policy on Teacher Contracts 



Policy on Student Suspension, Expulsion, Exclusion, and Fair Process 



Policy on Administration of Medication and Medical Care 



Policy on Hiring of High School Catechists 



Policy on Photographs and Personal Information 



Policy on Vetting for Educational Boards, Commissions, Councils, Committees or Task Forces 



Policy on Student Field Trips and Student Travel

    Student Field Trip and Travel Information and Permission Form
Additional Information:

     Medical Policy FAQ
     Medical Policy Individual Health Plan SAMPLE
     Medical Policy Release and Emergency Form SAMPLE