"I sleep but my heart watches over this house which I have built."     St. Thèodora Guèrin   

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        Miscellaneous Downloads      
  Code of Conduct Forms        
    TCE Forms        
     Social Media Guidelines      
     Safe Environment Guidelines      
     Guidelines for Chastity and Sexuality Education       
   OCE Notes Archive      
   Circle of Grace      
   Catechetical Certification      
   Archdiocesan History Information       
 Parish Administrators of Religious Education      
   Miscellaneous Downloads        
     Choosing Paths        
     Safety Planning Materials        
   ACRE Results        
   Adult Confirmation        
      As Good Stewards Performance Appraisal Process            
   Key to Peace and Forgiveness        
   2017-18 Work Agreement Packet        
 Catholic School Administrators        
   2019-20 Administrator and Teacher Contract Packets        
     Continuous Improvement Journey        
     Team Visits        
   ACRE Results        
   Assessment News        
   Choice Scholarship Education Plan (CSEP)        
   Choice Scholarship Program (Voucher)
   DOE Report Information        
   Enrollment Management        
   ESSA Title Services        
     Title I        
     Title II A        
     Title III        
   Fundraising Vetting Form        
   Health and Wellness        
      Immunization Information        
      Epinephrine Law IC 20-34 4.5        
      School Nurse        
   Jupiter Data Systems        
   Latino Engagement        
   Ministerial Job Descriptions        
   Miscellaneous Downloads        
   My Student Progress Data System        
     DOE Report Data Entry Instructions        
   Private School Tax Deduction        
   Professional Development        
     APA (Archdiocesan Principals' Association)        
     Legal Presentations        
     Principals' Meetings        
     2018 Co-Workers in the Vineyard        
   Reading Plan Information        
     IREAD 3        
  Religion Standards         
   Report Cards        
     2013-2014 Report Cards        
     2014-2015 Report Cards        
   RtI and Special Education Resources        
     Response to Instruction        
   Safety and Security Policies        
     Indoor Air Quality        
     ISP Initiative        
     Pesticides in Schools Rule        
     School Safety        
     Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting        
   School Adminstrator Newsletter Samples        
   Seclusion and Restraint        
   SGOs and Vouchers        
       Toolkit - Helping to Fund a Catholic Education         
       Promo Packs        
   St. Theodora Excellence in Education        
   Student Data Policies and Forms        
     Student Registration Forms        
   Teacher Performance Development Program         
 Youth Ministry Administrators        
   Youth Ministry Website        
   ACRE Results        
   As Good Stewards Performance Appraisal Process        
   2016-17 Work Agreement Packet