"I sleep but my heart watches over this house which I have built."     St. Thèodora Guèrin   


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2018 Indiana StateTax Credit Scholarship Program


Effective July 1, 2018 the Indiana Tax Credit Scholarship Program opens with $14 million! The Office of Catholic Schools is gratified by the tremendous support of generous donors this past year.  Act now to make your gift and receive the 50% tax credit. It’s easy to do! Donations must be directed to the Institute for Quality Education (IQE) in order to receive the tax credit. To learn more about the tax credit scholarship program and how to donate, visit http://www.i4qed.org/sgo 

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of tax credit scholarships or in sponsorship opportunities for our February event, please contact Kim Pohovey at kpohovey@archindy.org or by calling 317-236-1415 or (800) 382-9836, ext 1415.